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Annual Meeting
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Minutes of Ruth Keeler Memorial Library Annual Meeting
March 9, 2014 

President Tim Purdy called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm and determined a quorum was present. On motion from Andrea Good, the attendees waived a reading of the minutes from last year’s Annual Meeting. The agenda was approved as written with no additions.

Frank Curtis gave the Treasurer’s report. The Town of North Salem contributes significantly to the Library’s budget. This year we received $317,000. However, the Library must raise the balance of the funds to complete its budgetary needs, which total nearly $400,000. The Library takes seriously its obligation to raise these funds, through such events as the Annual Appeal, the Library Fair, and other events. Our Director, Carolyn Reznick, continues to do an excellent job in cutting costs while simultaneously increasing services. We thank her, as well as the Fundraising Committee.

Bosco Schell, for the Nominating Committee, advised that Peg Clark, Andrea Good and Tim Purdy will be leaving the Board of Trustees as their terms have expired. Nominated as new Trustees are Ken Lippmann, Jeff Morris, Rick O’Leary and Suzanne Sandbank. On motion of Edris Scherer, and second of John Lombardo, these nominated Trustees were unanimously elected.

Carolyn Reznick gave the Director’s Report. She thanked Peg, Andrea and Tim for their service as Trustees and exhibited the books that will be added to the Library collection with book plates inscribed with their names. She described recent Library programs, discussed the North Salem Review, and enthusiastically introduced Page Dickey, the speaker to follow the meeting.

There being no new business or questions or comments from the floor, the meeting adjourned at 3:15 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Margaret A. Clark, Secretary





Report from the President of the Board of Trustees

Annual Meeting of the Membership

April 28, 2012


The Annual Meeting is an exciting time for our library. We look back on a remarkable year with two extended power outages and almost no winter closings. We had three fun and financially successful fundraising parties and a nice increase in usage of our services. As you will read in Carolyn's report, we are changing the way in which we service our community and the response from the community has been very positive.


Looking forward, we have the Mother's Day weekend book fair. This three-day event has something for everyone and is so much more than just books. Plan to participate in an event, eat some good food, and take home a good book or plant.


The other big project for 2012 is the purchase of a generator. We have received a matching gift that will cover about half the cost, but our fundraising committee is under the gun to come up with the rest, plus the funds needed to augment our operating budget.


Today, our Board of Trusteeds is loosing two esteemed members. Cythia Curtis has been our valued treasurer, building consultant, brochure designer, and has taken on so many other jobs that we don't have the space to list them. Lois Lippmann has guided our landscaping committee, run the Cooks' Party, and played a major role in our fundraising efforts. We will miss you both and many thanks for the countless hours you have devoted to our library.


With thanks to all our patrons, staff, and loyal supporters.



Tim Purdy, President


Board of Trustees





Report from the Director

Annual Meeting of the Membership

April 28, 2012


Public libraries have not become obsolete. Across the country, they are busier than ever. They have, rather, become more innovative in the ways they serve their communities. We continue to:

  • buy the newest and best books,
  • help students with homework
  • provide computers and printers for those without
  • subscribe to print magazines to browse here or check out
  • buy DVDs and audio books, classics and current, for car trips


We also, however:

  • circulate Nooks preloaded with books for all ages
  • circulate museum passes
  • provide free e-books and audio books to download onto your Kindle, Nook, or other device
  • provide online research tools for North Salem residents


Public libraries also serve as locations where the community can gather, attend meetings and programs, get tutored, and meet neighbors. The library stayed open during the snow storms of 2011 and Hurricane Irene. While we had no power, we checked out books by hand and gave residents a place to read and work until it became too cold and dark. Our basement filled with water as our sump pumps lost power, resulting in damage to the air ducts and handler.


The library applauds the hard work and devotion of town employees during these weather crises. We want to continue to work with the town and are trying to raise money for a generator to save the basement, although more importantly, to offer a second place where residents can go in times of power loss.


Our statistics remain strong:

  • There were close to 471 programs in 2011 for patrons of all ages.
  • More than 50,000 items circulated in 2011.
  • More than 24,000 patrons visited the library in 2011.
  • Residents with library cards totaled 3,034 in 2011.


We remain committed to serve the town. Please tell us how we can help you.



Carolyn Reznick, Director






Report from the Director

Annual Meeting of the Membership



The Ruth Keeler Memorial Library continued to serve North Salem as a source of information and as a community center in 2010


61,738 books, magazines and AV items were checked out

25,310 patrons visited the library

5,627 people attended library programs

3,822 came to storytime or other children's programs

2,194 hours of volunteer time were clocked at the library

130 children participated in summer reading games

75 families took advantage of our free museum passes


The library also offers free downloadable e-books and audiobooks as part of our membership in the Westchester Library System. These free downloads are compatable with most every kind of mobile device, eBook reader and audio device including the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Sony Reader, NOOK and many more.  Search http://westchesterlibraries.org/ for more information and to begin.


Twenty-five thousand people visited the library last year. Many other residents used their library cards to access our online research and learning databases from home or work searching LexisNexis, browsing the New York Times back to 1851, learning a foreign language, fine-tuning their resumes, reading book reviews, finding the latest health information and much more. Your card also entitles you to request books, music, and movies to be delivered here from among the many thousands of items in Westchester libraries. And every monthwe borrow books from across the country for our patrons.


The Keeler Library stepped up to the plate in 2010, a time of economic hardship, by offering free books, movies, computers, programs, museum passes and a friendly place to meet friends, work, learn and relax. Almost twenty town organizations used the library for their meetings in 2010 and the library partnered with many of these organizations to offer programs from book discussion groups to cooking. We recieved a grant from the Helen Andrus Benedict Foundation for six creative arts programs for seniors in 2010. Our library and the NS Middle and High School were given the county School Library Cooperation Award for 2010. As director, I received the NS Chamber of Commerce Person of the Year Award for the role of the library in the community. We are very Proud of our place in the community and we welcome suggestions as to how we can better serve you and your family.








Message From the President of the Board of Trustees

Annual Meeting of the Membership



I am humbled by the response we have recieved from the generous and committed library supporters. Take a look at our list of donors and volunteers and feel proud to have helped us through a difficult time.


I have confidence that we will overcome tough budgeting problems, grow, prosper, and continue to serve our community.


Our Board of Trustees has been more than generous with their time, expertise and finances. Our staff has been friendly, diligent and hard working while minimally compensated. Our volunteers have made it possible to increase services in a tough budgeting environment.


Our Visiting Committee has given important guidance for long range planning and made suggestions regarding how we can better serve our community. Our Friends Group has enabled us to offer programs and services that fall outside our normal budget.


Our Town Board held budgetary cuts to a minimum. to all, I can't say thank you enough for another successful year.








Report from the Director

Ruth Keeler Memorial Library Association

Annual Meeting of the Membership



By any measure, the Ruth Keeler Memorial Library expanded its services to the North Salem community this past year:


Items checked grew by 14%

Patron visits grew by 23%

The number of childrens programs grew by 70%

Adult program attendance grew by 63%

Voulnteered hours grew by 115%


We are very proud of the last statistic. Local residents voulnteered more than 2600 hours in 2009 working at the front desk, re-shelving books, helping with the book sale and with programs. Many North Salem students elect to do their community service at the library. We love having them here and particularly value their computer skills. this number of voulnteer hours equals a cost savings of more than one and a half staff positions.


The library offered a wide variety of programs this year many of which were given by local residents.  They delighted children with live music, cartooning, knitting, juggling, origami, crafts, Lego, duct tape and live animals. Other North Salem residents gave programs on Google Earth, E-Bay, job researching, Christmas trees, Tibetan Bells, local history, archaeology, writing, gardening, gardening, photography, baseball, the greening of American business, the economic downturn and more. Authors talked about their books and musicians played in the library. We recieved our second grant from the New York Council for the Humanities resulting in a four-part discussion series on the history of immigration led by John Steele Gordon. Many of the library's programs were co-sponsored with other North Salem organizations.


The library added a computer for the public and completely revised its webpage. We are in the middle of a project to  update and improve our non-fiction collections for all ages. As a part of this, we are working with the middle and high school librarian to ensure that we have materials for curriculul needs.



Report from the Trustees
Ruth Ke
eler Memorial Library Association
Annual Meeting of the Membership
April 17, 2009


The Board is happy to report that the financial condition of the Library is sound. Despite the economic environment, our Annual Appeal was very successful, raising just under $50,000, a record. In difficult times like this, use of libraries and demand for their services increase, so we are particularly grateful to all of those who supported us so generously.


The Town, as you know, is the major contributor of our operating funds, providing about 70% of our annual expenses. I am very pleased, as are all the Trustees, that the success of our fund-raising efforts demonstrates not only that we are doing our part, but that the townspeople from the elderly to our young families care deeply about their Library and are anxious to support it..


Carolyn Reznick recently completed her first full year as Director, and we are blessed to have her. She and her crew are doing a marvelous job. Virtually every indicator—patron visits, circulation figures on books and materials, children's programs, adult programs, volunteer hours, plus other categories—all showed strong gains last year, and we have an expanding calendar of events for 2009.


The Board, once again, wants to acknowledge our excellent collaboration with the Friends, who sponsor programs and help us in so many ways during the year. [hank you, Friends.


Although we are happy about the increasing vitality and expanding services we are providing to our patrons, we are aware that the world is changing rapidly—a major cause, of course, being the digital revolution. We want to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that we are taking the steps necessary to meet that goal. We have initiated a Long Range Planning effort under the chairmanship of Tim Purdy, and during the coming year his committee and the Board generally will be taking a fresh look at the Library from top to bottom. We are involving others from the community in this discussion, and we invite your comments and suggestions. We expect to complete the planning exercise by the end of the year.


                                                                                                Edward L. Burlingame

President, Board of Trusteesalt 



Ruth Keeler Memorial Library Association
Annual Meeting, April 17, 2009
Highlights of 2008

Services for children

Programs – We dramatically expanded our programming in 2008, tripling the number of programs and quadrupling the number of children who attended. More than 4,000 children attended story times, crafts, music, nature demonstrations, book discussion groups, scrabble, chess, summer reading games, and other special programs including one on Duct Tape. We continued to cooperate with the scouts, the nursery schools, the elementary, middle and high schools, the recreation department, and child care centers.

Circulation – We added new periodicals including New Moonfor Girls, created a collection of graphic novels for young adults and parenting collection.

Services for adults

Programs –In 2007 there were 18 programs for adults, in 2008 there were 89 and attendance at these grew from 600 to close to 1000. Our ongoing programs included the Friday night movies, a book discussion group, a knitting group and a writing workshop. Our special programs in 2008 included author talks, Medicare updates, story telling, and lectures on art, politics, economics and technology. A grant from the NY Council for the Humanities funded a four-part book discussion group on George Washington. We co-sponsored programs with groups including the Lions Club, the Historical Society, the Recreation Department, the North Salem Seniors and the Friends of the Library.

Circulation - We added new periodicals including Foreign Affairs, The Economist, Elle Décor, Autism & Asperger's Digest, and Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel. We also created a collection focusing on job searching and college, graduate and professional school admission. We are working with the Danbury Hospital Library to create a collection of health related materials including newsletters, current reference books and pertinent community information. These materials are housed separately for convenience of use. Total circulation for all library materials increased almost 10%.

Plans for 2009  

  • ·   Enhance the content and expand the readership of our email   newsletter. At present it is sent to ca 1650 email addresses.
    ·   Improve the web page.
    ·   Extend our hours on Saturdays and offer coffee to patrons.
    ·   Improve the library's print collections and access to online resources.
    ·   Continue and expand programming to all ages.
    ·   Work with the North Salem schools and community groups. 
        ·   Be responsive to our patrons and seek ways to serve them better.