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Circulation Policies PDF Print E-mail
Borrowing Policy

There is a fifty (50) item limit on materials borrowed with a library card.  If you wish to place a hold on a particular item, you may do so in person at the library, at home through the WLS website, or by calling 669-5161.  For any of these methods you will need your library barcode number (found on your card) and a PIN. Westchester Library System IT has set your  PIN automatically as the last four digits of the phone number associated with you card. You can change this PIN online.   You will receive notification either by phone or email when your item is available for pickup.  Reserve items must be checked out on the same library card that was used to reserve the items.  Items will be held for 8 days.

Reserving Items

You may reserve items electronically in the library, at home through our website, or by calling us at 669-5161.  You will need your library barcode number and PIN.  You will receive notification via phone or email when your item is available for pickup.  Reserve items must be checked out on the same library card that was used to reserve the items.  Once they reach the library, items will be held for 8 days before being sent back, so please be prompt in picking up your materials.

Renewal & Return Policy

All items may be renewed once, so long as the item is not on reserve for another patron.  You may renew by calling TeleCirc at 674-4169, by using our library website, or by calling 669-5161.  Items may not be renewed more than once.  Renewing an item extends the loan period from the date of renewal (not the original due date).  Always review your due dates to make sure your renewal was successful.

Items borrowed from libraries in the Westchester Library System may be returned to any public library in Westchester County.

For your convenience, the outdoor book drop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Items returned before the library opens will be backdated to the previous day.


Fine Rates
Description Loan Period (days) Fine/Day ($) Fine/Max ($)
New Books 14 .25 5.00
Regular Books 21 .25 5.00
Children's Books 21 .25 5.00
All Audiobooks 21 .25 5.00
Children's Videos & DVDs 7 1.00 5.00
Adult Videos 7 1.00 5.00
Adult DVDs 7 1.00 5.00
Magazines 7 .25 5.00
Children's Kits & CDs 21 .25 5.00
Other Charges
Fax $2.00 Send $3.00 International
$1.00 Receive (up to 3 pages) $1.00 for each add'l 3 pages
Patron Card Original - Free Replacement - $3.00


Fees for missing or damaged individually replaceable items include: audiobooks ($10.00), audiocassettes ($10.00), DVDs ($10.00) and cases ($3.00).  If an individual CD, DVD, or cassette is damaged and is not replaceable, you are responsible for paying for the entire kit.

Please note: if you owe more than $25.00 in fines/charges, you will not be allowed to borrow materials at any of the WLS libraries.

Long Overdue Items

Items overdue after six weeks are billed as lost.  The replacement cost will be the price listed in the WLS database.  When an item is billed for replacement, fines are removed.  Because acquisition priorities change over time, the decision to replace an item must take into consideration many factors.  Therefore, the library does not accept replacement copies of lost items; instead of buying a replacement item on your own, simply bring in the requisite monetary amount to the Keeler Memorial Library.  Lost items belonging to other libraries should be paid directly to the owning library.  Patrons who find a lost item within six months after they they have paid for it will be reimbursed the money.